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We're putting justice on the agenda


Tzedek Chicago: A New Congregation Puts Justice on the Agenda!” (7/5/15)

A Force More Powerful: A Sermon for Tzedek Chicago’s Inaugural Rosh Hashanah Service” (9/15/15)

Most of the Mourning I’ve Done as a Zionist Turned Anti-Zionist, I’ve Done Alone.” (10/15/15)

What Will We Make Different This Year?: A Guest Sermon for Yom Kippur by Jay Stanton” (11/24/15)

Kevin Coval Rewrites the Haftarah for Yom Kippur – Chicago Style“(11/26/15)

The Uprooted and the Unwanted: A Sermon for Tzedek Chicago’s First Yom Kippur Service” (9/26/15)

On Sukkot and the Struggles Over Chicago’s Dyett High School and the South Side Trauma Center” (10/2/15)

Who Will Be Next? – Max Blumenthal’s Yom Kippur Presentation at Tzedek Chicago” (10/11/16)

Protesting Donald Trump on Shabbat” (3/14/16)

Shabbat Shalom, Donald Trump!” (3/18/16)